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Ozarks Clean Water Company has been delivering results since we opened in 2004. Our goal is to protect water quality and our quality of life in the Ozarks by properly treating wastewater for small communities. We provide a tremendous value for our customers through owning and operating individual and clustered wastewater treatment systems, and ensuring their continual operation and reliability.

Ozarks Clean Water Company was formed in March of 2004 in accordance with sections 393.825 to 393.861 of the Missouri Revised Statutes. The Company is a non-profit, and membership is gained by applying for and receiving services from the Company. OCWC is ran by a Board of Directors which consists of service members.

Our mission is to offer rural Missouri residents the option and peace-of-mind of having their water and wastewater systems responsibly maintained for a similar fee as municipal residents! For more information about on-site wastewater systems see some of our educational materials below:

Homeowners guide to septic systems

Save our Ozarks Water Quality-septic maintenance brochure

OCWC Brochure with FAQ

Demonstration of Advanced Wastewater Treatment around Table Rock Lake

For more information on water quality and protecting our local streams, lakes and rivers visit our sister organization, Ozarks Water Watch:

Water Quality—White River watershed

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